quick fix: “chicken” pasta

…and she comes out of hiding.

After having two weeks off work, the return just about killed me. I had to do my best to manipulate time itself to somehow make up for having been off two weeks. I felt like I was on Count Rugen’s life-sucking machine in The Pit of Despair and that a-hole Prince Humperdinck set it to 50. But—like anyone with any job of any sort has come to embrace as the end-of-the-Bush-era mantra—at least I have a job.

Breakfasts have been a Clif bar or a bowl of cereal. Lunches have been, well, let me put it this way: I’m getting really good at typing with one hand while eating an almond-butter-slathered bagel with the other. Dinners have been ordered out or thrown together quicklike. No time or energy or even care for what goes in the ol’ foodhole some nights.

Boo friggin’ hoo, right?

Here’s one thing that comes together super fast, and it’s yummier than I expected. It’s made with fake meat, but that fake meat adds 15 grams of protein per serving, so even though you can kinda taste it (which still creeps me out), it’s worth it. And it’s done in, like, 15 minutes if you have a helper.

It’s just
•almost a whole head of garlic (I think this was 6 fatty cloves), sliced thin as thin as thin
•a good, heapin’ handful of chopped red onion
•olive oil, salt, crushed red pepper
•1 package of LightLife chik’n strips (I have to cut these pieces in half or they’re way too “I’m chicken!”
•a few tablespoons panko (added in last 5 minutes of cooking)
•two handfuls of chopped-up parsley to throw in at the very end
•1/2 pound pasta (yeah, it’s a heap o’ pasta, even if one of you is more than six feet tall)

And here’s another somethin’ positive: Shadows on the wall! That’s right, sunlight has begun to make its way back into the apartment. Even though she doesn’t look very happy in this photo (I think she was trying to have quiet time and Tom interrupted her with his shutterbuggery), Mädchen’s been spending more of her time on windowsills and on the back of the couch so she can soak up the limited rays. I guess if I could fit up there with her I would.

Happy Inauguration Eve.

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