With all the crappy, gray weather, I can’t help but look ahead to the hiking and backpacking the summer will bring. This photo is from a trip to Shenandoah in Virginia, but I imagine we’ll be able to see about the same up here.

The whole time we lived in LA we weren’t able to take any backpacking trips, so our next will be the first vegan trip. It was hard enough to find vegetarian just-add-hot-water meals, but there’s next to nothing vegan. But I’ve been brainstorming and here’s some stuff I came up with. This is mostly grocery-store stuff, although Wilderness Dining has some great bulk ingredients. And for packing/cooking/eating, I saw some ziplocy steamer bags  the other day that I’ll look further into—if you can steam in them, they’ll hold hot water.

While hiking, in the morning I just want to break camp, pack up, and get on my way—you never know what the day’s going to bring you, and I don’t want to kick myself for a late start. That means no oatmeal or breakfast couscous or pancakes and hashbrowns. Clif bars are fast and good for you. I do love me some coffee, so I’m willing to boil water on the quicky Dragonfly burner for instant coffee. We always take wide-mouth bottles for coffee since they’re easy to rinse out.

My snacks for the day? Mostly easy carbs—you don’t want to load up on protein while you’re hiking. It’s tougher to digest, so you might as well wait until you can take a break.
•peanuts & raisins
•fruit leather (I make my own with my food dehydrator)
•chocolate-covered espresso beans or blueberries or cranberries

Little compares with lunch on a rock next to a waterfall. Here’s some no-cook stuff for a bit of protein and more carbs.
•Torfurky Jurky
•peanut butter & crackers or pita (you can get individual packets of peanut butter and store the crackers in an old plastic jar)
•dried fruit pieces
•roasted edamame

Dinner is where I’m willing to put in a little more time. Someone starts setting up the tent while you get the water started. This is also a good time to get some more protein, when you’re winding down and your body can use it to repair some of that muscle you ran into the ground throughout the day.
•couscous or instant rice (white or brown) with veg bullion, dried herbs, and freeze-dried vegetables
•instant pasta with olive oil (available in individual packets), dried herbs, and vacuum-packed sun-dried tomatoes
•instant pasta with ChReese or dehydrated pasta sauce (sauce dried in the dehydrator like fruit leather)
•instant mashed potatoes
•TVP, instant felafel or Fantastic Nature’s Burger with taco spices or bullion, in tortillas or pita

Yeah, I know, I’ve got at least four months to go. But it was fun to daydream.

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