hollowdays roundup


Due to the storm (yes, Portland, I’ll give it to ya, we had a storm), I’ve now been off work for a full week. And due to the fact that I work for a college, I have the next week off. Most of these days have been pretty empty. The week off for the storm was filled with anxiety over what I should have been doing in the office. Let’s hope this week is a little more productive.

Christmas evening, we went over to a friend’s house, where he and his girlfriend—who just moved to Portland a week before—brought forth this huge friggin’ fabulous feast of Tofurky roasts (which tasted better than the time I had it a couple of years ago), stuffing, a carrot stuffing-type loaf, mashed potatoes…you get the picture, a traditional holiday meal. One that I didn’t spend hours making. I even made some new friends.

Aside from the meal I didn’t make, most of our eatin’ has been a clean-out-the-fridge, freezer, and cabinets affair. Even the one-mile walk to the store was a little too much to handle given the unshoveled, unsalted, unanythinged streets and sidewalks. Here’s an example: nasi goreng with tofu. Thrilling, I know.



Oh, here’s a good one from the Almost Vegan file. I feel bad because someone Tom works with specifically bought these for him believing they were vegan, given the fact that they were dark chocolate. Tom even ate a few before I got my hands on the package and spotted the milk in the ingredients list. They’ll get eaten, just not by us. Oddly enough, these little chocolates do not actually have foil centers as the name might lead you to believe.




 And I’ll leave you with this. I saw it on the train on our way home Christmas night and it stopped me dead in the middle of a conversation. It took a while to compose myself enough to point out to the others what I was laughing at. Maybe one day I’ll stop being a 12-year-old boy, but that day is not today. (It might take a minute to spot it given my shaky, low-light photography, but it’s there.)


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