another video i won’t watch


I just saw this story on The Raw Story and was taken aback, which is rare. (And as with all the other animal abuse videos, I don’t think watching it is going to help me.) Rhinestones on sunglasses and crappy economic policies aren’t the only things that came back from the 80s. Apparently so has the need to fight for the baby harp seal.

I remember when I was pretty young my mom telling me about the evils of fur, and I remember stickers or buttons or both featuring baby harp seals—she probably donated some cash to the cause—and then it seemed to go away. The stigma had its effect on fashion and it took a few decades for this little trend to pop its fugly head up over in Russia and Poland.

You know what, hunters, I’m really sorry that regulations and distaste for your particular brand of slaughter could cost you a job. Things are tough all over, man. Find something else to do.

Here’s a link to IFAW’s seal hunt page, which I stole the picture from. They’re not just looking for cash. There’s also an e-mail you can send to Canada’s Prime Minister. And check out the rest of the IFAW site—they’re lookin’ out for a whole mess o’ critters, not just the übercute ones.

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