hungry tiger too…full vegan menu!


Because I live so close to Hungry Tiger, it’s an easy take-out option when I really don’t feel like cooking. Well, that option just got easier. They’ve expanded their vegan options and now have two menus, one omni and one all-vegan-all-the-time. The prices have gone up a bit, but then again, where haven’t they?

The fact that they have no website other than a Myspace page has pretty much ensured we order the same thing every time. But the other night we went in and I asked if I could borrow a menu (no paper ones to be found). And I got one. So I’m sharing it with you. I’ve editorialized a bit in purple text. And forgive me for any messy typing. I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, but it’s a big menu and I’m doing it on my dime.

207 SE 12th Ave – 503.238.4321

tortilla chips layered with black beans, jalepenos, and pico de gallo and smothered in our house vegan cheese sauce – $6.75
Stuffed Wontons:6 crispy wontons stuffed with roasted butternut squash accented with warm coconut milk and sweet chili sauce – $6.00
Quesadilla:our soy cheese and black beans between flour or corn torts, served with pico de gallo – $8.00
Hummus:our house-made hummus served with warm pita bread, cucumbers tomatoes, kalamata olives – $6.75
Fried Polenta:crispy sundried tomato & thyme polenta served on a bed of garlic aioli – $5.00 (I get this all the time but substitute marinara for the aioli—never not good)

Caesar Salad:
our delicious almond-based vegan caesar dressing tossed with freshly chopped romaine and savory house-made croutons – $7.00, as a side – $4.00, add tempeh – $2.00
Greek Salad:marinated tomato, cucumber, red onion, and kalamata olives, tossed with mixed greens – $7.50, as a side – $4.50, add tempeh – $2.00
Taco Salad:boca crumbles, black beans, our own cheese sauce, and pico in a hard-shell tortilla bowl – $8.50 (not available as a side)
Sweet Spinach Salad: spinach, dried cranberries, and almond slivers with our own strawberry vinaigrette dressing – $6.50, as a side – $4.00, add tempeh – $2.00
Side Salad and a Cup of Soup: choice of any salad, served with a fresh cup of house-made soup – $6.50

all sandwiches are served with fresh-made potato chips or house-made coleslaw, substitute french fries – $1.00, cup of soup, tots, sweet potato fries, or side house salad – $2.00
Temptress Reuben:peppered tofurky grilled with sauerkraut and 1000-island on marble rye – $8.75
BLTeaser:tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and garlic aioli on sourdough – $7.50
Southeast Club:3 slices of sourdough piled high with tofuky, tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, avocado, and veganiase – $10.50 (Tried this—Tom dug it, but it was too high to fit in my mouth so I had to dismantle it.)
White Fox:our house-made hummus, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and avocado on focaccia – $7.50

French Fries – $3.00
Tater Tots – $4.00
Sweet Potato Fries – $4.50 (Again, never not good. Cold leftovers are still good)
House-made Potato Chips – $2.00
add $.50 per side of sauce

burgers are served on focaccia with fresh-made potato chips or house-made vegan coleslaw, substitute portobello mushroom – $1.00, french fries – $1.00, tots, sweet potato fries, side tiger salad – $2.00 (So awesome to not eat a burger on sourdough toast, like they used to serve it!)
The Belly Rocker:boca patty tempeh bacon, our own cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion with 1000-island – $9.75
Montecore Burger:grilled onion & mushroom with jalapeno on a boca patty and garlic aioli – $8.75
Porto Burger:grilled portobello patty with grilled onion, red & green peppers, and garlic aioli – $8.75
Teriyaki Burger:boca patty, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, and onion with teriyaki sauce – $8.50
Build Your Own Boca Burger: lettuce, tomato, onion, and 1000-island – $6.50, then add mushrooms – $.75, grilled green & red peppers – $1.00, grilled onions – $.75, jalapenos – $.75, tempeh bacon slice – $1.50, veggie sausage patty – $1.50, avocado – $1.00

Corn Dog Basket: 2 hot dogs hand-dipped in rich house-made batter and served on a basket of golden tots – $7.00
Taco Plate:3 boca tacos, black beans, spanish rice, and pico – $7.50
Mac’N’Cheez: a skillet piled high with noodles, smothered in our own cheese sauce then topped with bread crumbs and baked to delicious perfection, served with a side house salad – $9.75

all breakfasts served with choice of either 1 giant pancake or hash browns and toast, substitute a house-made biscuit with vegan gravy – $1.00
Veggie Scramble: tofu, spinach, tomato, onion, garlic, and nutritional yeast – $7.00
Greek Scramble:tofu, tempeh bacon, spinach, garlic, diced tomato, and kalamata olices – $8.50
Portland Scramble: tofu, veggie sausage, onions, green & red pepper mix, and nutritional yeast, drizzled with vegan cheese sauce – $9.00
Spanish Scramble:veggie sausage, tofu, jalapenos, bell peppers, and pico de gallo – $8.50
Custom Tofu Scramble:build your own – $7.00, then add mushrooms – $.75, onion – $.75, green & red peppers – $.75, spinach – $.75, jalapenos – $.75, cheese sauce – $1.00, avocado – $1.00, tempeh bacon – $2.50, veggie sausage – $2.50
Home Made Biscuit & Gravy: huge serving of home-style biscuits smothered in thick mushroom & veggie sausage gravy – $4.00, add second biscuit for $2.00

Browns – $3.00
Veggie Sausage Gravy – $2.00
Toast or Biscuit – $2.00
Tempeh Bacon Slice – $1.25
Veggie Sausage Patty – $1.50
One Giant Pancake – $3.00 (Two – $5.00)


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