december what?


I took this picture today. Today. Today, December 14. The same day we had a “severe winter storm.” These are probably the last little tomatoes I’ll get this year from my indoor garden, which you’ve seen a bunch before. They’re pretty tiny, but still.

Friday I went to a holiday lunch for work. No, it was a Christmas party and they made no attempt to claim it was anything but a Christmas party. Pretty weird for someone who’s worked for big corporations, where that sort of thing isn’t allowed. I don’t celebrate it as anything but a day for presents and a day off work. Oh yes, we do have a tree, but it’s silver and only has Star Wars ornaments on it. Anyway, the work party was awkward. But here’s the interesting part: The invitation asked that you RSVP with your choice of chicken, vegetarian, or vegan salad. And when I got there, I was directed to the place cards for vegetarians and vegans, so the servers knew which salad and which kind of roll to give you (cheesy or olive ciabatta). It wasn’t a vegan wonderland—no soy cream or raw sugar to be found come coffee time—but it was nice to not sit in front of an untouched plate while everyone chows down, which is what I expected.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty busy lately, as have many this time of year, and I can’t tell you what I’ve been working on because it will ruin a certain holiday surprise for certain people who whipped up the DNA brew that is me. But since it did snow maybe an inch today, work has already been cancelled for tomorrow, so it’ll give me a chance to catch up.

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