not so hot


Looks pretty good for something headed to the oven, eh?  Unfortunately, this is how the Hotlips Pizza vegan “foccacia” (I prefer focaccia) showed up, expecting to be eaten as is. You’ll have to imagine the undercooked crust (dough) underneath the vegetables.

Tom called to order and had two questions. Easy questions. What comes on it? And are there nuts in the pesto? We’ve got a short answer for you regarding the pesto: The cilantro pesto is nut-free. For the “what’s on it” question, Tom got a long, drawn-out answer that started with “whatever’s fresh,” involved “the squash isn’t looking so good,” and turned into a possibly very stoned pizza associate turning the tables and asking Tom what he wanted on it. Hunger mounting, we ordered for delivery, not really caring what was on it, as long as it was nut-free.

Maybe 20 minutes later we got a call. Yay! They’re here. Nope. The computer ate our order and they had to start over. Then more like 10 minutes later they were here, pizza in tow. I don’t need to tell you it takes longer than that to cook bread and vegetables. (Check the photo again if you need convincing.)

Lemonade out of lemons: After 10 more minutes in a hot, hot oven it was pretty tasty.

And this has nothing to do with food, but I spent 10 hours making this and since it lives in my bathroom pretty much nobody will ever see it so here:


It’s a shower curtain! This is really only four different fabrics, but they’re all reversible and they all had borders because they’re sari fabrics (all polyester and nylon). You can’t see the classy gold lace trim here, but believe me, it’s way classy. It’s another “Sweatshop Michele” moment, because while I can be super stoked that I got all this half-off fabric and made something this lush for less than $50 (and have a ton of leftover fabric), I failed to pay myself for 10 hours of back-wrecking labor.

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