starting over


Wow, these cookies are so edible! What are they made out of, foodstuff?

I wanted peanut butter cookies but didn’t have a recipe. The VWAV one sounded too crispy and the first couple I found on Vegweb sounded too healthy, so I headed over to Allrecipes and grabbed one that seemed like the recipe I used back in the dairy days, doing a straight veganization (and adding chocolate chips).

Wrong. These tasted like they came in a cookie bouquet. Not full of goodness, just that cheap sweet you can get from too much white sugar. Note: Next time use more brown sugar. And they were a little too fluffy and I think I could taste the baking soda. Note: Next time just use the baking powder and leave out the baking soda. A point to Michele for only making a half batch. Minus a bunch of points for not hunting a little longer for a ready-to-go vegan recipe.

But it’s a place to start, and I think I’ll give this another (half) whirl with some tweaks and see what’s what. Maybe then I’ll share the recipe with you.


And I’ve been meaning to show this for weeks. Remember a while ago I told you about the Keep-A-Breast auction. Well, I won one. This is from one of our favorite artists, Attaboy. It’s pretty dern striking in person, and it helped raise a bunch of money to save boobs, maybe even lives. I think I’ll start  a cash stash for next year’s auction. There are worse things to collect.

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