insert “me so” joke here


It doesn’t seem promising, a paper cup with a foil packet of “flavor” and waiting-to-be-reconstituted noodles, tofu, and seaweed. But as I sit here eating a “New York style” bagel (what’s the alternative—crappy Freezer Section style for the Jew-food-phobic?), I wish I had another cup o’ Dr. McDougall’s. Unfortunately, there are those days when you just can’t get away from your desk for lunch, and I’ve found this is perfect for those days.


See, not so bad once it’s been revived. And what you might not be able to see in there is 8 grams of protein (and a bunch of sodium). Since you aren’t supposed to cook out the good-for-you-ness of miso, I found the hot water in my office water cooler/bubbler thing is hot enough to do the trick.

At 180 calories/serving, this won’t get you through the whole day, unless you’re a professional napper, so my desk is also stocked with Clif bars.

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