always read your labels, kids


Pretty cool, right, tofu with vegetable bits in it? Yeah, I thought so too when I saw it at my somewhat local Asian market. And it was frozen! I always bitch that someone should sell frozen tofu slices so you can take them home, defrost, and bread. Otherwise you have to think at least a day ahead (or just keep a steady supply of tofu in your freezer). Anyway, I was really excited to see this, so I picked it up with visions of cajun-breaded vegie-tofu nonfishsticks.

Vision denied. One bite and I was done. They were like little sponges once they were cooked—not like they soaked up my favorite flavors—like they were inedible. Tom had a couple because he will eat just about anything, but I couldn’t do it.

How could tofu, especially frozen, be so gross and spongy (correct spelling, trust me) and squishy? I’d noticed they were moisture-free and a little oily when I took them out of the package, but whatever, more time saved because I didn’t need to press them.

Then…it wasn’t until I was going through my photos that I saw this:
(dramatic “dun-dun-duhhhhhn”)
No, not the modified food starch (although what the hell is that?). Just below it—right there—whey protein! There’s milk in my tofu? Bad form. So this was just all-around gross. And that’s assuming “seaweed soot” is one thing, not “seaweed” and just some random “soot.”

Lesson learned.

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