fronch toast post


Every time I make this, I laugh. I laugh because I pick up my copy of Vegan with a Vengeance, open it to the recipe, and picture the mom on “Better Off Dead” trying to impress the foreign exchange student with her continental cuisine. And then I picture Ricky’s mom blowing up. Oh, ’80s cinema, you’re always there for me.

I alter the recipe in two ways: I add a couple shakes of really good cinnamon, and while I use plain Silk creamer, I opt for vanilla soymilk. This sweetens it up and gives it the flair only cinnamon can. And I may have been brought up to sprinkle my french toast with powdered sugar, but I’m now a splash-of-maple-syrup gal (the real stuff).

Today’s breakfast was a little more special because I used bread I made in my bread machine. It’s a really dense white bread with some Earth Balance and a smidge of sugar in it. Because it was pretty fresh, I threw the slices in the fridge for a while to dry them out. The results were favorable—or should I say flavorable—it was like a healthy donut, rich and moist.

After breakfast, we went on a bike ride (because we hit 60 today, unlike Chicago, where it snowed!) and saw maybe the saddest thing ever: a dad with his kids…wait for it…on unicycles. The 6-year-oldish boy was the only one still riding the unicycle. The dad was carrying his and the 4-year-oldish girl’s. I mean, I get it, it was his weekend with the kids and he wanted to do something fun, to share something he loved with them. But come on, isn’t the unicycle the reason she left in the first place?

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