i vote for an extra sunday

It’s almost time to get to bed so I can start a new workweek fresh and bright. But I don’t wanna. I want an extra Sunday. Today was pretty good. Gray but good. Tom and I got a lot of housework done and set up a desert terrarium (photos to come another day).

We were so busy that we couldn’t get ourselves together enough to prepare whole meals at once, so we just sort of snacked all day.

Here’s a plate of little fried tofu pieces. I’d sliced up 4-bite-sized pieces and stuck them in the freezer some time ago. Today, while we were doing other stuff, I let them thaw out on a tea towel. Then, when I remembered them, I dunked them in soymilk, nutritional yeast, soymilk, and breadcrumbs, then fried them in a shallow pan with a little oil. While that was happening I mixed up some pizza sauce (the rest will become a pizza later on this week).

From the “tastes way, way better than it looks” file, I bring you red kale and garlic pasta. This is a 15-minute pasta dish of red kale wilted in some sliced-up garlic (which did indeed end up purple) tossed with whole-wheat spaghetti.

Before I go, I need to talk about something that harshed my proverbial vibe. My election night bliss (I have yet to speak with someone who didn’t cry during Obama’s acceptance speech) has been tamped down a bit. Remember the little pat on the back I gave you, California? I’m not taking it back, but I am adding a punch in the gut. Prop 8? Really? You felt you could no longer endure the horror of gay people having the same marriage rights as you? You know, every time I let myself think maybe people are decent. Maybe we are evolving…and yes, other states passed gay marriage bans and “unmarried” adoption and foster care bans, but California had the right. Then it was taken away. I’m going to let Harvey Fierstein take it from here. For or against marriage rights for all of us and all of you, have a read. Read it out loud to a friend—do your best Harvey Fierstein impression if you must.

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