bloody cupcakes from space


What is a week, really, but seven days? To be fair and honest and all, Halloween was eight days ago. Halloween doesn’t deserve the neglect I’ve given it. It really is the one holiday I can totally get behind. Little kids dressing up as Chewbacca and ax-murder victims and witches, love it. Fake spiders, dry ice making everything spooky, yes. The drive to outgross whatever you did last year to outgross whatever you did the year before that…sure beats Easter.

So when I was planning my Halloween cupcakes, I wanted a nice oozy, chunky flow when you plunged into them with your fork or teeth or fingers—raspberry preserves just weren’t going to cut it. I made some cherry pie filling (chopping up the cherries first) and packed it in my VCTOTW crimson velveteen cupcakes, which I had cut little holes in the top and carefully hollowed out a bit. This made frosting them a challenge, but the fluffy buttercream did the job—I was trying to get an uncomfortable color for the frosting, so I just kept adding food coloring, some brown, blue, green, red…adding and mixing, adding and mixing, until somehow I came up with this pewtery/silvery color. I will probably never be able to do it again.

Some cupcakes ended up oozier than others, and if you weren’t going to eat them on a plate with a fork, I would strongly suggest taking it easy on the filling, like I did with the one up there. And I will admit that there was so much food coloring used in the above cupcake that my tongue and the chapped part of my lips were comically dark for a day or two. (My hands were also quite splotchy with dye, but that was just me being a messy cook.)

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