my own laziness disgusts me

I don’t believe in eating bad-for-me things that don’t taste worth it. If a snacky treat is subpar, why put the fat and calories in my body? If it makes me talk about how awesome it is while I’m still chewing, however, I don’t care how much oil or sugar or caffeine is in it.

The same goes for effort in cooking. I’m not going to spend a day prepping and cooking from-scratch pasta with marinara, for instance. I can buy decent pasta and build my sauce from canned tomato sauce and paste.

So when I was thinking about making a creamy chocolate puddin’ pie, I wasn’t sure how mind-blowing it could really be. I didn’t want to invest the time making the crust, pudding, and fluffy, creamy top layer…so I went prefab. Chocolate cookie crust? Easy, already in the pan with clean-it-off-and-flip-it-over insti-lid. Pudding? Mori-Nu Mates and tofu (with a little extra cocoa). And top layer? Soyatoo in the box with some cocoa mixed in.

It was better than the effort. Not amazing, but worth eating. I should have let it set up in the fridge a little longer before trying it out… Let it be said that the first slice was even less photoworthy than the one before you here. But it was quick and easy and I say with no shame that I’d do it again.

And what’s with Bruce Lee? Well, like Bruce Lee, I have some news that kicks a little ass. I went ahead and bought So now when I’m asked “What’s the address for your blog?” I don’t have to say “Just google it.” So there. I’ve decided to stick around for a while.

And as if you needed a reason for Bruce Lee. He’s Bruce Lee. Bruce “Be water” Lee.

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