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Not about food at all today (although I may have something later), I bring you the Keep-A-Breast auction. Artists have their way with plaster casts of both men and women, then they sell ’em for charity so maybe not so many of us have to die of breast cancer. Here’s a win-win-win situation if there ever was one, buckaroos.

They’re all going on exhibit, but here’s your chance to snag one and do some good at the same time. Tom and I stumbled upon our first show when we were living in New York…but we couldn’t afford to even try to buy one because, well, we were living in New York. It was still an incredible sight, rows and rows of tarted-up torsos.

This piece pictured is by one of my favorite young artists, Amy Sol. I guarantee you this will end up being at least a few hundred dollars (plus $40 shipping from Oceanside to Portland), so this is as close as I’m getting to it. I can only imagine what the ones by Iggy Pop and the one and only Kim Gordon will go for. There are a couple of others I’m trying to score—I’ll let you know how it goes.

The auctions end in the next 3-6 days, so get on it.

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