I haven’t had an autumn in four years. I forgot about it. Red trees, a hot mug o’ spiced cider—the stuff that goes along with the pumpkin bins outside of grocery stores. And I’m already appreciating it for what I will miss come winter. I might need to invest in light therapy. I can already tell I’m a lot farther north than I’ve been in quite some time. The days are getting very short very fast.

In the spirit of autumn, Tom and I spent way too much money at New Seasons, buying produce with reckless abandon. We couldn’t wait for the farmers market. We needed to roast vegetables immediately. I filled a big ol’ roasting pan with broccoli, asparagus, carrots, red bell pepper, garlic, and scallions (the zucchini had to wait until the very end), drizzled it all with a bit o’ olive oil and kosher salt, then roasted away. All I needed was a handful of rice and dinner was did.

We still have a spaghetti squash and some kale left from our haul. The kale will end up in a last-minute, I-don’t-feel-like-cooking pasta (1. cook kale in olive oil/EB, red pepper, and garlic 2. toss with pasta). And I’ve covered cooking spaghetti squash before. That’ll feed me for days.

And I think it’s getting cool enough now for makin’ seitan. And vegetable soup. And… And…

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