what a week

Well, my parents are safe and sound back in Chicago after a weeklong visit. (I assume this because I read no news of a horrible plane crash—not that I got a “We just landed safely” call <ahem>.) Tom and I couldn’t take any time off work so they managed to keep themselves busy, given the city and the mountains and the waterfalls and the ocean.

We got to at least have dinner together almost every night, managing to find something for everyone. Apparently, Vita makes a damn good burger (the beef kind) and Hungry Tiger Too serves a decent fish ‘n’ chips (the kind not made of tofu). My mom got to have her first TLT, which beats ordering a BLT and pulling out the B, so that was cool.

So today was our run-around-and-get-ready-for-the-week day. We started off late, and my grand plans of French toast and sausage turned into just regular ol’ toast and sausage. But it scored some points for kinda looking like a face.

Then we rode our bikes over the Steel Bridge to REI for some coat and bike rack shopping. On our way back, we stopped by Nicholas’ for carry-out. Here’s their menu. I got tabouli and a shatta pizza. It’s hot red pepper with onion, sesame seeds, and olive oil. It was too soggy for me to eat (probably from the commute), but Tom liked it. He got falafel too. It was more than enough to see us through lunch and dinner.

Then, to make up for the calories we burned on our bike ride, we split a Sweet ‘n’ Sara peanut butter s’more. So freakin’ good.

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