It was a very stressful week at work, the election’s coming up, and my parents just got in from Chicago yesterday, so I’ve been stretched a bit thin (as tends to happen to—ugh—grown-ups). But yesterday morning, I took some time out to stop and smell the muffins.

I know I’ve written about Sweatpea—and even their marionberry muffin—before, but it was so exceptionally exceptional yesterday that I had to share it with you again.

We had a hankerin’ for Sweatpea so we did chores until they opened at 9:00 (they are open earlier on weekdays), then drove on over (there was no time for walking). I had a bit of a headache so I had a fight with myself over ordering the chocolate chip scone, because that’s so predictable, so like me to want chocolate, and I said, “You’re gettin’ berries, little miss.” It sounds like I was punishing myself, I know, but their berry treats are always good too, so I don’t know where I was really going with that.

Anyway, Tom went with his usual marionberry scone, and when I picked up the bag it was warm. Which one of us got the just-out-of-the-oven treat? Once we got into the car I knew it was me, because the smell of marionberry muffin was so strong, the three minutes it took to drive home took for-friggin’-ever. And, of course, the taste matched the smell. A still-warm berry muffin…perhaps the best muffin ever? Yeah, I’ll say it: The best muffin ever.

Oh, and here’s some graffiti, Portland-style.

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