salad rolls

Summer rolls, freshy rolls, salad rolls…li’l pockets of awesome is what they are. Before tonight I’d never tried to make them myself, only ordered them off appetizer menus in place of a meal. I’ll have to do it more often. Lots of steps, but theyre all easy ones.

What’s in ’em?
layer 1: mint and cilantro
layer 2: tofu (baked then chilled)
layer 3: cucumber strips
layer 4: bean sprouts
layer 5: rice noodles (rinsed in cold water and drained after soaking)
layer 6: shredded carrots and scallion
layer 7: lettuce

It’s all rolled into rice wrappers. I used a deep plate for soaking the wrappers, with more hot water waiting in the kettle for when mine cooled off. And I blotted the wrappers dry-ish and built my rolls on a tea towel.

I think I’ll keep an eye out for larger wrappers so I can get a thicker layer of wrapper. Some of my bean sprouts poked through. But I’m not willing to put less stuff in them, so…yeah, bigger wrappers. That means I need to find a bigger plate.

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