banana bread with hempseed and chocolate chips

You gotta give it up to the banana for being able to make you smile by rotting. (I was going to say “only” fruit, but I guess if you’re in prison or something, trying to make toilet wine…) When I see a darkening, softening, not-really-good-for-eating-anymore-ing banana, I can’t help but get excited about banana bread. With hempseed. And chocolate chips.

Why hempseed? Because a certain male in this here household will most likely die if he eats nuts—a certain male without life insurance. I’ve found that shelled hempseed, pricey though it is, fills that nutty void. It makes banana bread more banana bready. It’s so nutty that the first couple of times Tom ate it, he had to fight the psychosomatic reaction. I promised him it’d be worth it.

So here’s my recipe. It’s one I got from my mom when I was wee and have been slowly altering it as the years have gone by.

•¾ c oily stuff (half oil, half shortening…I’ve done half applesauce or more banana too)
•1 c sugary stuff (usually half white and half brown)
•2 eggs (replacer)
•1 c mashed bananas, give or take
•1 T lemon juice
•1½T plain soymilk
•2 c sifted flour
•1½ t baking powder
•½ t baking soda
•¼ t salt
•¾ c hempseed
•2 small handfuls chocolate chips (It might make me feel guilty if I actually measured)

Cream oily with sugary

Add banana and liquids

Add dry ingredients

Pour into greased loaf pan

350°for 50 minutes (until inserted knife comes out clean)

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