So I made it back to the farmers market today and picked up a bunch of chocolate panini. They’re from Pearl Bakery, which I’m sort of in love with based on this hunk of cocoa bread and a super-informative website. They get marks for recycling, composting, and ingredient sourcing from sustainable, fair-trade, and organic-when-possible suppliers. The lunch menu has two vegan (as indicated) sandwiches. And, as I mentioned last week, they had the ingredient list for everything at their market table. I’ll have to make it over to the shop sometime to check out their wider selection.

This isn’t a vegan thing, but it gave Tom and me a good, long speculation session and I thought you might enjoy it. In between major litter box overhauls, I used to use old plastic bags to keep the scooped-up litter chunks from making the garbage too odoriferous. Well, we haven’t had any plastic bags coming in and we’ve used up our stash, so I bought these corn-plastic bags for pups. They work great. They’re very strong and stretchy and I was super pleased with myself over figuring out a greener solution for the litter waste. (We’d tried the pine stuff and the kitty won’t go near it, so regular clumping litter it is.)

Here’s the rub: It’s a product of Norway. I searched online for corn farms in Norway and came up bust. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find any. You know where corn does grow? America. So do we ship the corn to Norway so they can make the corn plastic? Or do we make the corn plastic here and ship it to Norway so they can form it into bags? Either way is dumb as all hell. That’s a lot of stuff shipping back and forth. It’s corn! That’s supposed to be our thing. Come on, corn-plastic entrepeneurs, get on it.

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