it does a tummy good

You might remember a bit ago when I mentioned a care package I’d sent to my mother in an attempt to keep her from puking up all her food. Well, she’s tried out some of the stuff—and a recipe too—and it appears common sense rules; the non-animal proteins are much easier on her system.

She made some tempeh tacos, which she said were “wonderful.” She’s trying to hunt down some Dr. McDougall’s soup cups because she dug ’em so much. She couldn’t believe the Tofurky Jurky (neither could one of her cats, apparently). And for those times she really just needs a little something in the belly, a piece of bread with a little Earth Balance and some nutritional yeast is perfect. (She said she even keeps a little container of nutritional yeast at work!) I’m not gloating; I’m just relieved that she’s finding things she can eat so she doesn’t waste away. She’s too young (and too tough) for that.

Oh, and on the “vegans win again” front, here’s yet another study about how good vegans are for the environment. They break down diets into the mileage of a mid-sized car. The big winner? Organic vegans use about 1/17 the “mileage” of an omnivore.

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