guess where i’m having lunch next wednesday

My new coworkers have just made Wednesdays a little sweeter—they told me about the farmers market less than two blocks from my office! I picked up a big ol’ bag of plums for $3 and a chocolate panini for…um…some other amount of money that didn’t make me go “Damn!” I’ll find out which bakery it is next week, but they had a list of ingredients for all their stuff right on the counter, which, of course, I’d only found after I’d asked about the ingredients in the chocolate panini. Oh, and how was the chocolate panini? So good. Teeny tiny semi-sweet chocolate chips in a chewy cocoa bread, which wasn’t sweet at all so the chips just gave it a little high note rather than turning it into a dessert. Chocolate.

I gotta start carrying my camera with me at all times.

What can I offer you instead of photos of yummy food and a gorgeous Portland afternoon? How about a video? (It’s Drunk History 3, starring a very funny, usually very smart Jen Kirkman.)


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