rushing to judgment

After one day, I’m pretty sure I hate these shoes. It was either find a pair of brown shoes really fast or recycle my black pants again and again and again this week. So I found these Mudd shoes. I don’t know that the adhesive is vegan, but the uppers are all man-made material. I went on their site to find some more information, but apparently the only reason anyone goes on there is to find out about fighting cancer and loving the Jonas Brothers. Well, two days after wearing these beasts and my toes still feel like they’re broken. The shoes aren’t too small; the heel was just pinched so it forced my foot forward. More than a mile later they got a little more flexible but I was in such pain. Toughest break-in ever.

So, yes, I disappeared from these parts for my first week of work. I’ll have way better flow even this week, I’m sure, but the last week was all about pushing myself all day then collapsing at night. No new recipes or restaurants to speak of.

I survived the first lunch with the new coworkers. I didn’t say anything about my crazy special needs until it came up in conversation during the walk to the restaurant. It ended up being an Italian joint, and I asked if there was egg in the pasta. I was given a confident “No,” as if she’d been asked that question before. So there was pomodoro to see me through the day, no panic required.

My office is the old federal court building that’s now a post office plus some other law-y stuff, so there are all these cool architectural elements, but there’s also the part where I face rather frightening photos of Bush and Cheney as I wait for the elevator. Pretty rough at 8:30 a.m. Oh, and there’s a friendly reminder of what the current terror level is (yellow).

This morning we slept in a bit, late enough that we could get breakfast treats from Sweetpea. We got extra scones for tomorrow, just in case they’re doing brunch. I saw what I thought were chocolate glazed doughnuts on their prep table, but the guy told me they were Boston creme. I’ve never had a Boston creme anything, as custard has historically creeped me out, but the Sweetpea guy gave me a little nod, which I took to mean they were yummy and I should get one. So I did. After cutting it in half I tried it out…and put the other half in the fridge. It was pretty creepy at room temperature. Cold was so, so, so, so much better. I don’t know if Sweetpea was worried about losing doughnut customers to the new Voodoo, but they definitely shouldn’t. I really wish they did doughnuts more often. I thought they made them on Wednesdays too, but I called once and was told Saturdays only. They’re still sort of new, so there’s hope for the future.

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