super happy funtime weekend

I’m so blissed right now because I’m starting back to work like a real, live person (I know, there’s something wrong with me—it’s the Chicago work ethic), and I used this positive energy to get a ton of crap done this weekend. Lots of running around, checking off boxes, making lists then crossing the stuff out on the lists…and giving the bread machine a workout.

I’ve written about these babies before, jessigurr’s burger buns on Vegweb. I halve the recipe for my bread machine, and this time I added a handful of poppy seeds and some dried onion flakes with the rest of the ingredients. Super good. And I bought pickles for the first time in years. As much as I hate vinegar, I really do love a good dill pickle. Hey, Michele, that burger sure looks beefy. It’s amazingly not, and I know some people might question how I dare call myself a vegetarian, but, um, yeah, I think that’s dumb. (If you’ve seen the latest VegNews, you know what I’m talking about. If not—or even if you have—check out Lindy Loo’s rant.) Beautiful.

And as if I hadn’t had my fill of cupcakes lately, we felt there was no better way to celebrate doubling our income than a trip to Sweetpea. These are coconut cupcakes, and they were like no other cupcake I’ve had. The cake itself was pretty hearty, like banana cake, and the frosting wasn’t that overly sweet, high-note coconut flavor, but a more mellow, rich one that just perfectly complemented the cake. I was going to photograph them all pretty on a plate, but then I thought, with coconut cupcakes, who needs presentation? They’re coconut cupcakes.

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