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This week has gone by so fast it makes me question the very nature of time. Saturday was Tom’s birthday, but I woke up with my body trying to best the temperature outside. After almost passing out (you know, when everything gets kinda white and you hear that buzzy, mwaah-mwaah-mwaah sound) while getting breakfast for the kitten, I somehow got myself into a cold bath. My post-bath temp was 101, so I don’t even want to entertain how high it was initially. Anyway, that led to a sucky birthday for Tom. It was too hot out and I was too sick to do anything. (It doesn’t top my sucky birthday, when he was out of town on business and had a dinner party that night, from which he accidentally called me on his cell phone so I had to listen to his dinner party while trying to get his attention…while I was watching The Libertine. Double whammy.)

Anyway, the night before I made cupcakes. It’s the margarita cupcake from VCTOTW. Very limeriffic. They’re tiny and light, perfect for a guilt-free dessert. The icing was really thin, especially in the heat, but it sure did taste good. They suggest rollling the edges in chunky sugar, but I could find none, so i colored up some of the icing and did a ring that way. Not perfect, but neither are you, bucko. So far we’re two for two with this cookbook. We’ve got a friend coming into town next month, so we’ll have to figure out what cupcake will fit that occasion. I’m leaning toward tiramisu, but that might be a bit ambitious.

What’s eaten up the rest of the week? Waiting for my background check to clear and getting an official job offer. After one month, three interviews, and a week-and-a-half-long background check, I finally got the job. You ever try crossing your fingers for a month straight? But it’s real now; I’m going to an orientation meeting today. So this is it, Portland, I’m here in every way. And now I’ll have extra cash, so time to find a tattoo shop! (Sorry, Dad, but you started it.) I know there’s a vegan one over at the vegan mini mall, but I don’t know anything about their artists. Maybe a walk over there this weekend to peruse their work?

So you can imagine, there hasn’t been a whole lot of creative cookery going on. Take last night’s dinner, a freezer-section spread: Trader Joe’s Nasi Goreng with some edamame thrown in and some kinda spring rolls. After making your own spring rolls, how do you go back to frozen?! So not super exciting, but when all you can concentrate on is exhaling, it’ll do.

We went to Vita Cafe the other night (no photos) and I tried two new things: the Italian pasta (minus veggie sausage) and BBQ things. The pasta was a bit overdone, but filling and tasty enough. But the tofu—they’ve got Buffalo and BBQ options for this appetizer of fried, very firm tofu rolled in sauce, served as Buffalo wings. Buffalo sauce has way too much vinegar for me so we went with the BBQ. Still a bit of vinegar in there, but pretty good. I would rather have it served dry so I could dip sparingly, but that’s hardly in the Buffalo spirit. I was so pleased, the next night I made fried tofu with BBQ sauce. A new favorite?

That’s all I can muster right now. I’ve taken some photos over the week, but their time has passed. The future should afford some more good stuff. Oh, and this is post 101. I meant to throw some virtual confetti for post 100, but I forgot. So here we are. Whoo!

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