care package

My mom’s guttyworks have been all messed up for a while now—the doctors don’t know what to call it (or how to fix it) and when it first started, rather than keep puking she pretty much stopped eating. After doing a bunch of our own research, it really seems that the more complex the protein and more acidic, the tougher it’s gonna be for your body to deal with. Common sense, right? And because she’s such a busy lady, I thought I’d put together some quick vegan treats and shortcuts for her. So when she’s super, super hungry she doesn’t do something dumb and grab a piece of cheese. Ya hear that, lady?

After making the rounds to Whole Foods, Food Fight!, and Trader Joe’s, I finally have a well-rounded care package ready to go. Cookies, soup, gluten-free mac & cheese, hempmilk, cheddar-flavored crackers, and raisins (the miracle food). This should get her started and maybe keep her from wasting away.

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