A thousand pardons for the dramatic lighting—the sun was setting and setting hard.

I don’t really think they taste at all like fish, but whatever. I froze and thawed (and pressed with my hands) some tofu then, using the Diner Cutlets recipe from The Chicago Diner Cookbook*, marinated the slices for 30 minutes in a mixture of water, oil, nutritional yeast, parsley, and spices. After squeezing out some of the liquid, I laid them right in the breading meal and fried them up.

I found the marinade gave the tofu pieces an extra layer of flavor, but the moisture turned me off. I really squeezed a lot of it out before coating, but it just wasn’t enough for me. If you don’t mind a squishy tofu, then by all means give it a whirl.

You may recognize the bun from previous posts—it’s Jesigurr from VegWeb’s recipe, which I halve for my bread machine. I haven’t screwed these up yet. With seeds, without, they’re always good. If I ever fall in love with a vegan hot dog, I’m sure these would work in a hot-dog shape. I can’t stress enough how perfect the bun consistency is.

*If you ever find yourself in Chicago, do yourself a favor and stop by the “meat free since ’83” Chicago Diner. Tom had his first vegan “chicken” parm there and it was like the angels were singin’.

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