mecha sad michele

This is Mecha Sad Bear (from Luke Chueh—check him out if you don’t know him), one of the presents Tom bought me even though I said I don’t deserve any presents because I’m a good-fer-nothin’, piece-o-crap, unemployed, 35-year-old hausfrau. He also got me a gigantic nutrition book. The plain truth is, though, I suck at birthdays. I think I always have—the song always sent me running and I’ve never been able to open presents in front of people. They’re just not the super happy fun time I think they’re supposed to be. And aging…well, I’ve yet to find a positive there. Oh, you mean it’s going to take an additional 20 sit-ups a night just to maintain my untoned body? Awesome!

I figured this year I was mature enough to try something (the veg version of it) I’ve not had since before I was 10 years old: breakfast sausage. This is Gimme Lean, the kind in the tube, alongside wheatberry sourdough toast. I couldn’t eat the sausage on its own so I made a little sandwich. I’ll pepper it up next time. That’s right, next time. I could do this again. I wanted to try it because I see it on menus and I want to be able to order it. And this one is fat-free and packin’ a bunch of protein.

After a little birthday trip to New Seasons, we made ourselves some everything bagels with everything Tofutti cream cheese. I thought the bagels were a little white-bready, not chewy enough, but they served to carry all the seeds and scallions and things.

Dinner was a tiny one. It got pretty hot today so we weren’t crazy hungry. I made these Rising Moon Organics garlic & roasted veggies ravioli (tough to find this kind, even in stores that sell other varieties) and topped them with a simple olive oil/garlic/shallot/red pepper/parsley/panko sauce-for-the-lack-of-a-better-name. This would otherwise have to be accompanied by something to meal it up, even just a big salad.

And what would a birthday be without cupcakes? I made VCTOTW chocolate cupcakes and some buttercream frosting. I tried to make a few uncomfortably awkward colors and swirl them together for the ugliest cupcake contest, but it ended up looking kinda neat. I did play around with tips and bags to make pretty flowers and things, to see if frosting sculpture was my hidden talent. It isn’t. Whatever, it tastes the same. These cupcakes are really amazing—maybe the best cupcake I’ve ever had, light and fluffy and moist. I took one bite and said (out loud, going against my reserved nature) “Hell, yes.” After we go through this batch (and following my cookies from last weekend) I’ll want to steer clear of sweets for a while, but Tom’s birthday is in a month, so we’ll see what happens then. He’s eyeing the margarita cupcakes.

Oh yeah, it’s Mädchen’s birthday too. Not really, but because she was feral and they figure her birthday is early July we just gave her mine. She’s 12 and didn’t really want to wear this little hat I made for her because she’s a spoiled, bratty pre-teen. And a cat. And a nudist.

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