tortillas make anything a meal

Last night was a “I really need to do some shopping…but not right now” night, but I think it turned out okay. I sliced some tempeh super thin and threw it on a griddle with my hodgepodge taco seasoning, “taco town.” A little bit of cucumber, onion, and lettuce later, I had this big taco sort of thing. I wished I had a tomato somewhere in there, but it was otherwise tasty. I could see this evolving into tempeh fajitas. Yeah…that’ll work…mmm…I really need to go shopping.

Given our lovely heat wave in Portland—it still went down to 65 last night, so it’s not like a Chicago or New York heat wave where you lie on the floor in your underwear with fans pointed directly at you, taking turns to lie down in the bathtub of cold water—I made it B-A-T-H day for the kitty. I think she knows what it means even when I spell it out. She knows what it means when I have my hair up and am wearing my hair-dye shirt and boxers, so yesterday I mixed it up a bit. And I filled the tub a good half hour early. She still knew—when I went to grab her off her morning sleepin’ spot, she wasn’t there. She was under the sofa. Amazing creature, that one. Here she is about halfway through her drying process. Not her normal, pretty little self. (She was moving so fast I couldn’t get her head in focus.)

She’s pretty good once she realizes there’s no getting out of it. A couple weak little attempts at crying, then she just looks at me with that “Why?” face. I don’t use commercial pet products on her because I just don’t trust them. She gets organic rosemary shampoo and a tablespoon or so of olive oil to lap up after the bath. Olive oil helps prevent hairballs, it’s good for her, and she absolutely loves it. And today she is beautiful, soft, and happy.

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