the tt sushi special

My theory is that Tom tastes about half of what he eats. I think his allergies have killed most of his ability to smell and taste food. This explains his tendency to pile on condiments and come up with some pretty unique flavor combinations. He’ll put mustard, Asian hot sauce, and barbecue sauce on a burger—I’ve given up trying to stop him.

His culinary fearlessness and flair for nontraditional combinations really came into play last night. It was sushi night, and I’d made more rice than I meant to so we were running out of vegetables. But Tom came to the rescue with a bunch of other stuff to roll up with rice and nori…


(top) Dynamite roll: sun-dried tomato and Sriracha chili sauce
Tom’s comment: Hooray!

(middle) Deli roll: peppered Tofurky and mustard
Tom’s comment: Will expand with lettuce, onion, and other sandwich stuff.

(bottom) Assassin roll: hummus, white onion, and cucumber
Tom’s comment: Quite tasty; no soy sauce or wasabi with this one. Cucumber ties it together. Will try with green olives.

So there you have it. Try them if you dare. I’m not going near them, but they might be really good.



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