finally, hummus

Well, here it is, after a week or so since I promised a hummus recipe. (I went ahead and froze the chickpeas.)

·2c cooked chickpeas
·1 head roasted garlic
·4T tahini
·4T lemon juice
·3T water
·salt to taste
·garlic powder or a clove fresh garlic

Tom likes his hummus fluffy and found that adding more liquid tends to make it fluffier. If you prefer a dense consistency, leave most or all of the water out. And a head of roasted garlic isn’t really that much, because it’s a milder, sweeter flavor. For another level of garlic, add some fresh minced garlic or powder.

This recipe is the reason we bought a food processor. Sure, we’ve used it for other things, but it’s paid for itself in its hummus-making alone. Originally, Tom had tried fork and potato-masher mashing methods, but modern machinery really comes in handy here. (The only chore, then, is cleaning it.) Because we make our own tahini, if we don’t have some left over, he’ll make that just before the hummus to avoid having to wash everything out again.

You can just toss everything in and turn the processor on, stopping it just a couple times to scrape the sides down (and taste as you go). If you’re not sure you want so much lemon or want to play with the water ratio, add it in stages, but the less liquid, the harder your blending will be. You may need to pulse it and scrape down the sides more often.

We’ll sometimes make double batches, half at a time, adding different flavors. Sun-dried tomato is a favorite, and it really is as simple as throwing some sun-dried tomatoes in with the rest of it. Remember, it freezes just fine (and you can share).

Oh yeah, and it’ll taste better after a night in the fridge.


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