dream label

If only all ingredient labels could be like this one. This is Tom’s shaving cream from Tom’s of Maine. We almost boycotted them after the acquisition by Colgate-Palmolive, but the purchase terms kept all original policies (and Tom and Kate Chappell) in place. So if we like the products and approve of their practices, we just have to accept someone else getting most of the profit.

Anyway, look at that label. I’m as in love with the “Purpose” column as I am with the “Source” one. The sad truth is in most manufacturing, both in food and other products, the manufacturers have no idea what the sources of their ingredients are. They can change from batch to batch as they swap vendors to get better pricing. It’s really come to light lately, as I’ve been making more inquiries to companies about questionable ingredients. I wonder why an answer can take two weeks to get to me—don’t they already know what’s going in their stuff?

As more of us question what we’re putting into and on our bodies, maybe companies will get better at providing information up front, or at least in FAQ pages. Or not. Maybe there really aren’t that many of us out there asking questions.

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