hungry tiger, too. now with photos.

We finally made it back to Hungry Tiger, Too, this time armed with a functional camera. We had bigger appetites too, so we were able to try out an appetizer.

Saving the wonton ravioli for next time, we went with the polenta fries. These normally come with a vegan garlic mayo, so sayeth the waitress, but vegan or no, I hate mayo. We got a side of marinara instead. The “fries” are little breaded herbed polenta fingers. A little on the unhealthy side, perhaps, but they were pretty darn good. I’ll probably make this one at home sometime.

Tom got the Boca burger again, armed with avocado and jalapenos. The fact that this is served on sourdough toast still puzzles me. If they’re so on top of things that they have vegan options for many of their foods, why not carry a vegan bun/roll? I guess this is made up for by the extra Boca patty and the mountain of fries.

I got the tempeh BLT plus onion (yes, that’s a bite taken out of the sandwich—I was so hungry I almost forgot to take pictures) and sweet potato fries. I would have put a second layer of tempeh on there—the strips are so thin they get lost. Then again, I still had a tough time finishing it. That’s a lot of food.

This is what I was trying to show you last time but my camera’s Ebola was kickin’ in for the final bleed-out. I was able to get past the inappropriate apostrophe in “da’beers” to appreciate this drinker’s little helper. The wines listed were all apparently vegan and all but three beers are. I don’t drink beer or wine, but considering this place is half bar, a lot of people do. And who knows, it might make someone ask what might make a beer not vegan, gross them out, and make them rethink some things.

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