See this here? This is what trouble looks like from your bedroom window. This is the new location of Voodoo Doughnut. They think they’re keepin’ it all secret, but I see all!

I’ve managed to keep away from the one just west of the bridge since I got here, but this is pretty much in my backyard. One night, around 10 or so*, I asked Tom if he wanted to walk over (It’s just over a mile away) and he shrugged it off: “We can go in the morning if you want.” Well, what happens when it’s right there?! It’s either I go out the front and walk around the corner or cut through the back and jump the fence.

Or…how about this? I talk them into letting me run a pulley system from their window to mine, then I send them money and my order and they give me my doughnut(s)—without all that exercise standing in my way.

Honestly, I’ve gotten mixed reviews on the vegan doughnuts anyway. While Stumptown Vegans give them a thumbs-up, a friend of mine (one of the very few I have in this new city of mine) said they’re way too sweet. I agree that doughnuts don’t have to be super sweet—I got a toasted coconut/chocolate covered one from Sweetpea not too long ago and it may have been perfect, and the sweetness was kept to a minimum. But I can handle me some sugar too. That’s where a good, strong coffee comes in handy.

So I guess we’ll see what happens. Apparently they’re trying to open by the end of May. Tick tock, fellas.

*I’m normally not allowed to eat after 8:00 p.m. because then I can’t sleep and it’s like I’m possessed by a crazy panda god or something and suddenly I’m all fists and elbows…and poor Tom suffers.

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