gettin’ sarah on oprah

Photoshoppery courtesy of Sarah Kramer's blog
(Photoshoppery courtesy of Sarah Kramer’s blog)

I was catching up on my blogroll when I saw Sarah How it All Vegan Kramer’s pitch to get herself on Oprah. Oprah’s apparently doing a 21-day vegan cleanse (also gluten-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free). Don’t know if she’s not wearing or using animal-derived products for those 21 days or if this is dietary only, but every little bit helps, I suppose, and think of the throngs who bow to The Oprah’s word! (My mom is still mad at Oprah after a trip to her show where the audience was herded around hither and thither not so politely, but she’s mostly veg anyway.) If Oprah can get millions of people to read Anna Karenina, then she just might be able to get regular ol’ grocery stores to carry tempeh. Or at least get people to pick up a cookbook or two, to slowly check out animal-free recipes and realize they can be pretty tasty.

But how cool would it be to have Sarah on? She’s way sassier and more fabulous than this Kathy Freston character—stylish and conscientious?! I would actually watch the show (if I could download it—I don’t have a television hooked up for viewing). I think her point of view would be much more down to earth, and maybe it would reach some who reject Freston’s new-agey approach to diet.

I’ve read quite a bit of bickering about the value of Oprah’s little experiment. (Those vegans can get nasty on the comment boards.) Maybe because it’s set up like a fad diet, a radical program. Sarah’s one-bite-at-a-time-and-don’t-worry-about-the-vegan-police message is far more conducive to lasting change.

And while I’ve never heard her speak, Sarah is Canadian. At some point she has to say “oot” or “aboot,” right? And what’s more charming than that?


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