more dining out…and my camera craps out

Wanna see something cool?

Oh wait—that’s super uncool. My camera started doing this every once in a while, throwing crazy color bands through the image, which it refuses to focus. Sometimes this actually looks interesting, if you’re not trying to read words. What I was attempting to show you here was the drink menu on the table at Hungry Tiger Too. Next to some of the beers, it says “not vegan.” That’s pretty cool for an omni joint. The menu also has a little symbol next to items with vegan options.

We each got a “burger” on sourdough toast, Tom the Boca and I the portabella. The only other vegan bread option was rye, and that sounded even weirder, so we weren’t expecting much from our sandwiches that would surely resemble what Eddie Murphy was served as a child. (If you don’t get the reference on your own, I can’t help you, other than to say I believe it was from Raw.)

I’m happy to say we were pleasantly surprised. And I’m not sure, but those might have been the tastiest sweet potato fries I’ve had. (There’s a place around 10th and Broadway in New York that may have them beat, but I might be romanticizing them.) Of course you get no pictures of any of this.

The verdict? We could take Tom’s parents there for a lunch or early dinner. I guess after 7:00 it gets more bar-like. The other verdict? I need a new camera. I can probably get one twice as powerful as the one I have now for a third of the price I paid five years ago. Sick!

UPDATE: Check out the new vegan menu here.

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