fish fry

Nope, it’s not just a Big Black song (got a clip right here). We had ourselves a tofufish fry. I picked up a cajun cornmeal fish coating, which the guy at the fish counter promised would be good even if it wasn’t going on an animal, and dipped some frozen-then-thawed-n-pressed firm tofu in soymilk (with a little egg replacer mixed in). I pressed the coating on there as hard as I could to soak up all the moisture and make sure it would stick. Then five minutes or so in about a half inch of oil produced these crispy little fakey fish fingers.

I’d just salted them lightly and thought something was missing. Tom looked happy as could be as he dipped his in a little dish of lemon juice. Dare I? I dared. And it was perfect.

Off in the back you can just see a sliver of the garlic bread. The recipe I use for french rolls in my bread machine yields three 13-inch baguettes so I cut them in half and stick them in the freezer. It only takes 10 minutes in a 200° toaster oven to thaw them enough to slice and slather with garlic spread (minced garlic, salt, dried parsley, and nutritional yeast in EB and olive oil).

Then we got to spend a half hour tracking down a legal Big Black clip to share with you. It was a pretty good evening.

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