the parents are coming! the parents are coming!

We’ve been in town less than three months—and until last week our only income was from a few freelance gigs—so we’ve been trying to avoid going out too much. But with my in-laws coming in for Memorial Day, we need to find some veg-friendly omni joints. Between the dining and shopping guide we scored from Vegfest last weekend and restaurant guides from the likes of VeganFabulous and Stumptown Vegans, we’ve got a head start. Now we’ve got to try them out.

What better way to start than with pizza? We live less than a mile from Dove Vivi, which everyone seems pretty happy with, so we walked over and picked up a par-baked Della Salute with herbed tofu ricotta. About 15 minutes in a 500° oven later, it was lookin’ pretty good. Mushrooms, eggplant, green bell peppers, carmelized onion, and a ton of tomato…and that dollop you see there is the tofu ricotta. Never having eaten dairy ricotta, I can’t say how similar it tastes. It was pretty bland.

Over all, we weren’t impressed. We give them an A for effort. And the crust is pretty good, but between the bland tofu and the over-roasted vegetables, it just fell flat. I’m sure I’m bringing a healthy dose of Chicago deep dish bias to the table here. It’s what I grew up on and nothing can change that. I’d like to buy just the crust from them, fill it with a pound or so of Teese or Follow Your Heart, then top it off with crushed tomato. That’s pizza.

So we shan’t be taking the in-laws there. Even if the dairy-cheese pizza is better, it’s just not worth it. The tables outside are looking out onto the parking lot, and inside you can’t shake the strip-mall feel. Oh well.


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