this cake made with recycled fibers

It sounds gross, but in a way it’s true.

I love shredded wheat cereal (usually Kashi), but I can’t stand it once it’s soggy. I should probably call the Guinness people out here to time me eating cereal. It’s gotta be record setting. Anyway, to prevent premature soggening, I can only eat the whole pieces. The broken ones Tom will eat, and then there’s the shake, the orphaned fibers at the bottom. I hate to throw them out—Tom said he’d eat it, but I’m so grossed out by the idea of anyone eating these surely instantly slimy bits. So I save them. Box after box, I compile these little bits of bits.

I have found a use for them: baked goods. I built this apple-carrot cake/muffin recipe by straddling two nonvegan recipes, veganizing along the way. It’s not perfect, so I’m not sharing it, but the idea can just be applied to whatever muffin recipe you use. I shredded some carrot and apple and added some diced pear, reduced the flour by almost a half cup, then added a cup of shredded wheat bits.

I made a dozen short muffins and poured the rest into a small pan. It works both ways. Maybe next time I’ll add some zucchini or chopped-up crystallized ginger or reconstituted raisins. It could be a kitchen-sink muffin.

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