thanks, asia

That’s the continent, not the band. Thanks to a post on Get Sconed! I visited my first Asian supermarket since moving up here. Unlike other cities I’ve lived in, Chinatown here seems to be pretty much homeless people and strip clubs.

Fubonn describes itself as an Asian supermarket, so there was more than just Japanese or Chinese or Korean. It had it all. I’ve never seen so much fake meat in all my days. I picked up a package of frozen “chicken” nuggets and some Vege USA Steak, which I have to dare myself into figuring out one night. They look like freeze-dried seitan pucks, so I guess I’ll reconstitute them in some broth and take it from there.

Fine and good for what I haven’t tried yet, but how about the stuff that’s already made it into my belly?

First we have green onion pie, a heat-n-serve scallion pancake. I got two kinds and this was my favorite. Tom preferred the puff paratha, which I thought was a bit heavy and greasy. Having a sitting-in-the-freezer option isn’t going to help push me to perfect my scallion pancake recipe. Ach wie.

Now for what I was most excited about: springroll wrappers! I looked everywhere for these in L.A. So frustrating. Then my first try here and there were at least three kinds. I got two. I tried one for dinner tonight, filling them with vegetables and tofu, and I feel like I’ve conquered some crazed demon. This was all we had for dinner, just a bunch of springrolls. And I’ve got leftovers!

I’m lucky I don’t have any coconut around or I’d be packed to the esophagus with the banana springrolls I would have made for dessert…but the night is still young.

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