vita cafe

Vita Cafe’s a bit farther than Paradox for me, but I prefer the setting. The high-back booths, while not cushy, isolate you a bit from other diners. If there’s a crying kid in there you’re gonna hear it, but you won’t find yourself avoiding eye contact with the people in the next booth. Because it’s omni (mostly vegetarian but they’ve got bacon and free-range, hormone-free burgers so you can take your parents), you have to read the item descriptions carefully for cheese, but there seems to be very little that can’t be animal-free.

I’d ordered the tempeh bacon as a side before, and the smoke flavor was a little too harsh, so I had to alternate between bites of that and of my french toast. But on the sandwich it was pretty good. I did want coffee or gum or something after I was done to get the taste out of my mouth. I thought I was super hungry so I almost ordered fries with this, but I ended up coaching myself through the last couple of bites (and not just because the roof of my mouth was whining about the beating it was getting from the toast). This is sounding kind of negative, but it’s not. I’d order it again.

Tom’s go-to meal, both here and at Paradox. This thing’s friggin’ huge and the cheese is soy-based, no cashews. I asked Tom if there was a difference between this and Paradox’s version and he said yes but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Either way, he gave it a double thumbs-up and a “mucho gusto,” which we weren’t really 100% on what that meant, but we BabelFish’d it and it means “much pleasure.” He didn’t recant.

Kevin’s tempeh reuben. He’d ordered the tofu florentine, but since it was the end of breakfast hours (until 4), they’d run out of the vegan hollandaise sauce. And then this was round two for the sandwich, as the first one had cheese on it. (We got crazy comped because of the mix-ups, so we let it slide—off day, I suppose.)

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