I friggin’ love cookies. I often make my own. Usually it’s just cookie dough for the sake of cookie dough, which I pare down to the basics of EB/peanut butter, sugar or agave, oats, ground flax seed, and chocolate chips. I call it “kukido,” since you couldn’t actually bake it. Anyway, sometimes I get the urge at the store and pick up some real, ready-made cookies.

Then you’re left to read labels again. And you’re left wondering what “sugar” means. Is it beet sugar, which isn’t refined with bone char as cane sugar often is? Is it unrefined cane sugar? Well, I did some searching and wrote a few e-mails, and here’s a bunch of vegan sandwich cookies:

Back to Nature: These are sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice, raw sugar (turbinado), and brown rice syrup. And if you don’t like any of their products, there’s a money-back guarantee (up to $5). I haven’t had to take them up on the offer yet.

Nabisco: According to PETA’s I can’t believe it’s vegan! snack list, the following Oreos are vegan: Double Delight Mint’n Creme, Halloween, Thin Crisps, Uh-ohs, Spring, and Chocolate Creme. Not mentioned, probably because it’s new, is a “natural” line with organic flour and such, sweetened with organic evaporated cane sugar and brown rice syrup. Huh. I’ve never actually seen these, but I have to admit I’ve never looked.

Newman’s Own Organics: The site has a list of vegan products in the FAQs. The “whole Newman-O’s line” is on there, along with these guys: Wheat Free/Dairy Free Fig Newmans, Tops and Bottoms Chocolate Wafers, Chocolate ABC Cookies & Wheat Free/Dairy Free Chocolate ABC Cookies (Cinnamon and Arrowroot ABC is vegan except for the honey added).

Trader Joe’s: Probably the best-tasting of them all, in my humble opinion. I’d seen them mentioned on other vegan blogs so I figured they were safe. But then I was checking out the vegetarian and vegan lists online and noticed the Joe Joes were on the vegetarian list yet not the vegan one. Bad form! I e-mailed Trader Joe’s and got this response:

Thanks for your email.  These are vegan.  It was an oversight that they
weren’t on the list. We will be correcting that.

 Oh happy day.

Whole Foods 365: I e-mailed Whole Foods and got a reply within hours, confirming the sugar is not refined with bone char and they would be suitable to a vegan diet. Too bad they taste like crap.


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