still ain’t eatin’ it

PETA just announced a million-dollar reward for whomever can successfully produce an in-vitro chicken-meat product. To get around that whole suffering animal thing, apparently the answer is for us to eat something created from stem cells and grown in “a medium.”

Seems odd, given the trend to oh, eat more organic, natural, and whole foods given what our grocery stores are filled with. And it seems unnecessary because, aside from the fact that we don’t need meat, there are some soy- and gluten-based mock meats that taste and feel so real that I can’t eat them.

One would hope the skeeve factor would put the kibash on this thing…but the skeeve factor of cloned animals, factory farming, slaughterhouses, and ecoli-licious meatpacking has failed to deter a world of meat eaters, so maybe not.

Here’s a coincidence: Yesterday I saw a link to the Iron Deficient Chef site, which includes five-minute-ish episodes and a ton of little drop-down learn-abouts. They just launched, so there are only a few, but the latest episode mentions in-vitro meat.

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