Pizzicato Eastside. No delivery, but it’s right next to the Wild Oats/Whole Foods we needed to swing by anyway. We ordered it par-baked (as recommended by the folks at Pizzicato) because we’d be walking almost a mile before we could eat it, and especially trying out a new place, I wanted to give it the best shot I could.

So after getting home, preheating the oven, then baking this li’l tiger for almost 10 minutes, it was decent. Worth the bother? Dunno. We got the pomodoro cheeseless, with roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted eggplant, kalamata olives, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, and tomato sauce.

See all the black spots in the photo? Some of that is eggplant skin, but most of it is olive. Salty, bitter olive. I took about half of mine off, and Tom and I agreed it overpowered everything. The flavor didn’t complement the other flavors; it stamped them out. I don’t remember tasting onion, but I can see them in the photo. And sun-dried tomato? I remember seeing one or two slivers. Maybe I just don’t like kalamata olives. I’ve never had them before so this wasn’t a great first impression.

The crust was really good—I’ll give ’em that much—brushed with garlic and olive oil, so says the menu. I meant to measure it (oops), but while it fed us it seemed kinda wee. At $15.50 for carry-out-and-finish-cooking-at-home pizza, I think I wanted maybe a piece to throw in the fridge for later. Eh.

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