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We got a bread machine! Tom’s mom didn’t use hers as much as she thought she would (and apparently, it was really loud), so we inherited it. So far we’ve made sun-dried tomato & oregano bread (pictured), french bread, and pizza dough (haven’t tried using this yet but it looks good). Today we’re going to try a wheaty/grainy bread and some herby rolls.

The timing is perfect. I’ve just had an angry freakout over ingredient labels and trying to get answers from a manufacturer. I’d picked up a package of Country Oven onion rolls at the regular grocery store. There was no “contains milk” allergen listing and none of the ingredients popped out as offensive, so we ate them. I took a closer look at the ingredient label and checked out sodium steroyl lactylate in the back of How It All Vegan! and saw “see lactic acid.” Ouch. There’s no way to tell where it came from, as lactic acid can come from animal or plant sources.

I understand that most of the world doesn’t care where their lactic acid comes from—I didn’t a couple of years ago—but I do now, so I asked the manufacturer. In a totally polite e-mail, I asked about the origin of the sodium steroyl lactylate. I received a “we got your message” reply…two weeks ago.

Guess what I’m never buying again. Country Oven can kiss my ass.

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