steve agee’s tofutti commercial

If you don’t know Steve Agee, he’s one of the lovable stoner gay oaf neighbors on The Sarah Silverman Program.I subscribe to his Myspace blog—sometimes they’re video blogs—and here’s what I woke up to this morning. It’s “late night snack,” timestamped at 1:53 a.m.

youtube link

I know I’ve been so pleased with a product or service that the words “I’d do a commercial for that” have left these lips. But I never actually made my own commercial. If Tofutti knew what’s good for them, they’d buy this baby up and get as much airtime as they could in the wee hours, you know, to catch that stoner demo.

I’ve never had a Tofutti Cutie myself, but I just might have to try one, after seeing someone so blown away that he’s made the world watch him eat it. A look at the ingredient list (just went to the web site) will erase any illusion you may have about it being healthy and wholesome, but it’s a freakin’ ice cream sandwich. You’re not supposed to eat them all the time.

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