cake & ice cream

Either I’ll never grow up or cake and ice cream is just still really super awesome.

I applied for a job and felt I deserved a congratulatory treat, so we picked up some Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate cake mix and Soy Dream vanilla “non-dairy frozen dessert.” I used the most-viewed/reviewed recipe for chocolate frosting on VegWeb but halved it (except that I used the full amount of cocoa powder and still thought it could have used more and maybe some espresso powder).

I sorta underbaked the cake because I’m still learning my new oven—it’s my first time with an electric—but it was still more than edible. After trying it, I went from “underdone” to “fudgy.” Alone it might have been too heavy, but with the ice cream (non-dairy frozen dessert) it did not offend.

Now I just have to figure out how to top it when I actually get a job. That’s a challenge I gladly accept. 

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