breakfast at sweatpea

Seeing as it’s only a handful of blocks away, keeping our Sweatpea trips down to once a week is tough. They don’t overcharge you there just ’cause they can, and the guy behind the counter—usually a bearded gent—is friendly and happy without being annoying. This is essential when you’re just starting your day. I think a lot of coffee/pastry shop counterpeople forget that you may have not had your morning coffee or juice just yet.

This morning, Tom and I picked up a cinnamon scone and a marionberry muffin. Tom usually gets the marionberry scone, but there were none to be found. I just like saying “marionberry” because it makes me think of the crackhead D.C. mayor every time. And yes, I giggle to myself every time.

The scone is really a scone, not a muffin or a sweet biscuit shaped like a scone. It’s about 5 inches across and has a middle layer of cinnamon.

This muffin is what our omni friend Morgan had when he helped us move down here. He uttered those words you wait to hear from an omni eater: “If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know it was vegan.” It’s true. I’ve had some crappy muffins—I’ve made some crappy muffins—but this one’s damn good. I cut it in half so Tom and I could share and had to shoot this cross-section photo.

And finally, here’s a bunch of Mädchen photos, from the time I sat down with my plate (her eyes didn’t leave my plate until I gave it to her to lick clean) until she was done with the crumbs and ready to nap.
Doing her version of begging


Ready to pass out after getting her way

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