trader joe’s, yeah!

Want another reason to love Trader Joe’s? As if the jarred peaches and pears weren’t enough, not only because they taste great but the jars are perfect storage containers for, um, everything. I just went to the website and found this list—or group of lists.

They’ve made lists for gluten-free, low-sodium, fat-free, vegetarian, vegan, heart-healthy, quick-meal, and kosher products. Get the hell out! I opened the vegan one—it’s a print-friendly pdf, don’tyaknow—and it’s 7 pages long.

The disclaimer is that due to the rotation of products carried, it’s not all-inclusive. They try to update it as often as they can, but like any helping hand, you can’t rely on it completely. Still gotta read those labels.

Just like little kids on skateboards, Trader Joe’s, you give me hope for the future.

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